In lack of any Apple computers in my near future I spent some time stealing what I liked and translated it into a makeshift workflow tool. Some very handy windows workflow discoveries. Autohotkey is an application enables hotkey scripting in windows to turn your keyboard upside down. I have a Apple Aluminium keyboard and have remapped all keys and made some custom scripts that seems to make my workflow go banans. Forget the hours I spent writing this thing.

  • cmd/win key behaves as a ctrl modifier when held down, win key when pushed
  • ctrl+alt dragging a window moves it around without chasing the top bar
  • right mouse button now has more fuctions
  • 1. Doublecklick for paste
  • 2. Hold for copy
  • 3. Hold and middle click for cut
  • Middleclick behaves as browser control
  • 1. Middle + wheeldown is back
  • 2. Middle + wheelup is forward
  • 3. Middle + Right mouse is close tab
  • All the F# buttons are mapped to mediaplayer control
  • Caps lock madness
  • 1. Shift + Caps for regular capslock (never use it anyway)
  • 2. Capslock now look for selected text, if you got a selection, google it
  • 3. Otherwise activate or start chrome and open a new tab
  • 4. If you have link selection it’ll open that in a new tab

Probably got more but that what’s it looks like. Feel free to have a peek in notepad and use as you wish.

Script here.

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