Nothing yet

To recap, I’m trying out an experiment to find my interests and what I like to do: do less things I find boring and do more things I like.

As I’ve said, I’ve done absolutely nothing the past week, other than a week of constant studying. It didn’t make anyone happy. I barely passed two lessons and I’m falling behind. Looks like this weekend is set up for more studying just to catch up.

What I’ve learned so far

It seems better to decide either to work very hard on the things I’ve set up to do, so I don’t fall behind, or drop it completely. The middle way is just a time consuming monster which doesn’t lead anywhere. If school is done for the week, it should mean I can clear out the weekend for other things.

What I’ll do next week

I feel like painting, but never get round to it, since I must constantly study. Since I’m overwhelmed by my school workload I procrastinate and play games instead. It’s a pretty clear pattern. What I’ll do is to study harder, then clear out a full day or two for painting. So next week is painting.


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