Artikulation (III)

Together we reign together; together we fall. A group, a collective, a symbiosis of love, hate, indifference, laughter, cynicism and white hot burning humanism. Chapman an idea of love, courage, joy and more love. I will not bore you with idle explanations of why? what? where and when? No, I will breathe on this page the spirit of Chapman- a centrifugal force of beautiful chaos and hope. Sure there are liars, cheats, malingerers, drunks —but it would be one-sided just to talk about the good things Ladies and Gentlemen ha! Yes the good ones, the unsatisfied malcontents who refuse to become part of the bewildered herd and live the grand old prize of a quiet life of desperation. Those who dare and want. Those who try. Those who follow their bliss on the back of sacrifice, negation, resistance, adversity, deprivation and injustice. They are holy warriors of the holiest sort — leaving seeds of hope, beauty and wisdom in their wake. Be nice to them, they are your friends, you need them; they need them! Hell we all need them!


Love Chapman